Try and keep calm when I tell you…

I have reached…



today has been a day of momentous posts for me – 100 followers and reflecting on my year of blogging (that actually fell 4 days ago!)

Thank you, to each and every one of you; this blog has been such an outlet to me, and to see the numbers slowly creeping up has been a spur on those days when I thought what was the point. I have that not every post has been entirely mind numbingly dull, and that some of you may have been able to relate to the odd random rambling.

Its only 1.37pm but my day has officially been made!

A very grateful, H xx

through the video camera

So, last week I had to do a group presentation for one of my modules – and we only had two weeks to compile and get the abstract approved, and create and practice the project on a topic which was entirely out of my comfort zone; sustainability.

It was interesting for me to work with entirely new people all of which were differing ages and from different disciplines to my own, and although at time it was challenging, it was an experience I relished. I got my grade back yesterday and came away with a first for that part of my course- YES! I couldn’t have got a better grade, and presenting is what I generally see as one of my weaker points..I was so happy! It was this presentation that I wanted to consider though…because we were filmed doing it.

I have just found it online, and watched myself present (it is meant to be an exercise to see any “ticks” or obscurities that you carry across whilst presenting, and then to be able to correct these and improve yourself for the future) but I just looked at myself and was proud. THat sounds ridiculous, and smug – but its true. Whilst presenting I had my little notecards, I had practised enough but I stood there and I was nervous and I made one or two awkward mistakes where my voice broke or something ridiculous – but I laughed it off and carried on. I look up at the aurdience, I made contact with them. When it was the question session I could laugh and be serious, I could encourage people in my team and answer questions – and I looked confident. I watched myself and thought, I’m not too bad. And you know what? When I was presenting I felt it too – a surge of confidence which said yeah, look at me. I know what I am talking about, ask me questions, I will know the answer. I worked hard on this and I am proud of it and It really made all the difference.

I know that sounds so up myself, and like a post that was purely to brag – and maybe it was a tiny bit of self indulgence to write this. And if so, I am sorry. But it was amazing for me to see myself standing infront of a group and talking and laughing and being normal and strong and confident, succesding in my studies at least in this area. BEcause it was only 10 months ago I started this blog, and less than that that I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, and less that that again that I was lying in my hospital bed feeling alone and demoralised and unable to see myself getting back on track at university. For so much of second year I shied away from the spotlight because of Crohns and the awkward rumblings and the insecurities and everything else that came with it// But know I have beaten that.

Just on a side note (and I cant believe I didn’t post about it!) I GOT RESULTS BACK FROM A COLONOSOPY LAST WEEK AND I AM OFFICIALLY CROHNS FREE. sorry, don’t mind me while I victory dance away in this corner *woop*

Flying high guys, up in the clouds today…hope you are all up here with me 🙂

Happy days indeed

H xx

The big 50!

Just got an email that told me… I reached 50 followers today!

Thank you so much to everyone who reads, follows, comments and likes the thing I am writing – you guys have no idea how nice it is to get those emails, and although I began this blog to help me on a personal level it really does make my day when I realise other people can connect to what I write, and it gives me the chance to connect to others too.

Sorry, this is probably the most boring post I have written so far (and therefore not very encouraging for new followers!) but I just wanted to say thanks, and thanks again. 🙂 Please keep sharing it around, lets see how big of a community we can build 🙂


Anyway I am writing this with a massive smile on my face – I never thought anyone would bother reading what I write, so its such a lovely achievement for me! To make sure you all have just as lovely evening as me – here are some hilarious animal-related pictures to make you smile. Yes, I know they are irrelevant, and Yes I promised myself not to put this sort of rubbish on my blog, because it actually had a genuine purpose. But sometimes, people just need to smile!



H x



Back on track?

FINALLY feeling like a normal person again, back at uni, back in modules, back to going out – the whole deal – wooo!

Been loving being back at university, and so far (touch wood) everything has gone really well, not feeling tired and managing to cope with the workload, going to the gym and trying to keep up some sort of a social life at the same time , so really pleased!


Went to see my specialist on Tuesday for a follow up appointment, just to make sure he was up to date with everything and to check a few points (like blood tests etc). He was really pleased with the fact I am so happy at the moment, everything really is going well 🙂 He said that blood tests for the Azathriaprine are now only needed once every few months (WOO) and that I don’t need to go back and see him until May! Yaaay! Is it sad that those like 3 months will be the longest I haven’t seen a doctor  / blood tests / hospital / A and E or whatever in probably over a year? Maaaaaad.He did spring a sneaky blood test on me at the hospital though – to check if I was taking the right level of dosage of medication, not impressed with the sneak attack but still!


Got really frustrated at my university doctors-  I know I am not a trained medical professional, but am feeling like I spend most of my time talking to people at the surgery on the reception desk who know even less about how the doctors surgery works than I do! I was promised that my medication would go on repeat prescription, and was told it had – so no Tuesday I rang to get it re=prescribed as I am basically out of medication and they said it wasn’t on repeat have to book an appointment and the first one isn’t until Monday – not impressed! I told them that by then I will have had a day, if not two, without any medication, but apparently there was nothing they could do. great.  Turned out okay – instead of taking the 125mg a day I am meant to, I have run out of all the 25mg so just taking 100 a day- but only for yesterday today and tomorrow, so shouldn’t have any implications…I hope! Feel free to comment below with a moan if you face similar situations, its good to vent the frustration!


Anyway, just an update for all of you out there- chin up, things do get better! Feeling on a bit of a high at the moment, and thought you all might like to know that Im not always moany! Ha!


H x