Crohns and Dieting? Hmm…. Day 18, 2017

MORNING GUYS. For once decided to post first thing (I mean, 10.30am, but close enough!). I have decided to try and lose weight, not as a new years resolution or anything (always fail) but just because enough is enough. I want to fit my clothes better, feel skinnier, look slimmer, and generally get a bit more self confidence back. I do want to lose weight, and have given myself a target weight-  but its not really so much about the numbers, as about how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror. I wasn’t going to tell you guys about it, I guess I am kinda scared to admit it incase I can’t reach my goal- but screw it, that is an extra reason to tell everyone -TO MAKE ME DO IT.

Here are some cheeky motivational posts to a) liven up my blog (check – see yesterdays aim of including more pictures!) and b) give me/ anyone else something to push us along on this Wednesday morning





So, there is the motivational part of this post. I am trying to lose two stone by the end of May, mainly be eating better and eating less, and trying to be more aware of the lack of exercise I do, and trying to increase that where possible. The thing is , I really do need a job, I cant spend all day just going on long walks, and I move around way too much to bother buying a gym membership. SO it will be extra walks where I can, stairs not lifts, workouts where possible, jogs where possible, etc. I hope to do lots of sit ups and similar each day just at home to, which I think will help.

My main issue is dieting -with Crohns. Most diets say eat minimal portions (fine) and switch to things such as Brown pasta, brown rice, lots of vegetables etc – all of which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I try to eat with my crohns. For example, if I ate a salad a day for lunch, instead of being super healthy, it would probably cause me issues due to digestion etc – which is just counter productive. I have googled some diets to do (I don’t want a strict diet to follow necessarily, just ideas of better meals) but couldn’t find much. I am going to see my consultant next week, so I will talk to him then too for some advice , but if anyone reading this knows of anything helpful PLEASE let me know, would be appreciated! I am just going to start with: no snacks, small portions, more vegetables in meals, less carbs per meal, and trying to have more variety and drink less fizzy drinks but more water. All of these changes are do-able, and I am calorie counting too, to try to hold myself accountable for all the cheeky little snacks.

So, that’s my plan. Fingers crossed when I stand ready for my summer holiday, this year I will know, I HAVE lost weight.

H x

Back on track?

FINALLY feeling like a normal person again, back at uni, back in modules, back to going out – the whole deal – wooo!

Been loving being back at university, and so far (touch wood) everything has gone really well, not feeling tired and managing to cope with the workload, going to the gym and trying to keep up some sort of a social life at the same time , so really pleased!


Went to see my specialist on Tuesday for a follow up appointment, just to make sure he was up to date with everything and to check a few points (like blood tests etc). He was really pleased with the fact I am so happy at the moment, everything really is going well 🙂 He said that blood tests for the Azathriaprine are now only needed once every few months (WOO) and that I don’t need to go back and see him until May! Yaaay! Is it sad that those like 3 months will be the longest I haven’t seen a doctor  / blood tests / hospital / A and E or whatever in probably over a year? Maaaaaad.He did spring a sneaky blood test on me at the hospital though – to check if I was taking the right level of dosage of medication, not impressed with the sneak attack but still!


Got really frustrated at my university doctors-  I know I am not a trained medical professional, but am feeling like I spend most of my time talking to people at the surgery on the reception desk who know even less about how the doctors surgery works than I do! I was promised that my medication would go on repeat prescription, and was told it had – so no Tuesday I rang to get it re=prescribed as I am basically out of medication and they said it wasn’t on repeat have to book an appointment and the first one isn’t until Monday – not impressed! I told them that by then I will have had a day, if not two, without any medication, but apparently there was nothing they could do. great.  Turned out okay – instead of taking the 125mg a day I am meant to, I have run out of all the 25mg so just taking 100 a day- but only for yesterday today and tomorrow, so shouldn’t have any implications…I hope! Feel free to comment below with a moan if you face similar situations, its good to vent the frustration!


Anyway, just an update for all of you out there- chin up, things do get better! Feeling on a bit of a high at the moment, and thought you all might like to know that Im not always moany! Ha!


H x