2,688 hours ago today I was under the knife

Firstly – Happy Easter to you all!


Secondly – I am in shock. My operation was 4 months ago today…4 months…

I don’t even know how to explain it (times like this I admire people who blog and write and always find exactly the words they need to describe their thoughts…I feel as though my thoughts never fluidly translate into my writing, sorry). In one way it seems like a lifetime ago that I was waking up in that hospital room, panicking and checking if I had a stoma bag, being wheeled into my room, beeping myself with morphine, and being in my own hospital room and trying to figure out what was happening. Feels like a lifetime ago that before that I ended up in A and E (4 months 1 week ago today, if anyones interested) and that I was in so much pain I couldn’t stop retching or even walk in a straight line without help. And now, now I am fine; to all intensive purposes! I have a scar, well one and two tiny ones, I have tablets I take every day; but on the whole I am well now, and I appreciate that so much more than I used to. But, I just, cant believe its been 4 months. In my head it makes sense, but for my body – well I am in awe of myself (haha!) in terms of its biology. In 4 months it is has healed itself inside and out, recovered from an operation and thrown itself back into life, and I have recovered a lot quicker than I thought.


So, it has been 4 months, or 16 weeks, or 112 days, or about 2688 hours, or even 161,280 minutes.


That, that in itself is mad. In 2,688 hours my body has recovered itself, and improved itself. Hooray for my body! I just cant get my head around it. Forget all the achievements that I think I have made, forget the psychological things I have had to overcome with this disease- for now; for once (!), my body has done something right, and I am thinking it deserves acknowledgement!

Below is a picture of my main scar as of about 5pm today 🙂


Hope you are all gorging yourselves on chocolate!

H x







Up, Up and Awaaaaaaaaaaay :)

so excited

This is me right now 😀
(Actually that’s a lie..me right now is sat in leggings, a baggy top and a hoody in my room at my desk, procrastinating doing one of the many essays piling up infront of me…but you know what I mean 😛 )

I am having such a good, CROHNS FREE time at the moment, and I just cant get enough of it! I have been on my easter holidays back at home for about 10 days now (time flies!!) and have been having such a nice time 🙂 I have been working quite a lot on university work, which isn’t fun; but balancing out with plenty of other activities! I have been working quite a lot for my mum and auntie – who own their own business – because my mum hasn’t been well recently; and although the extra shifts were unplanned for and therefore impeding on my uni work time, they have given me the perfect opportunity to earn that little bit extra money, just what I needed! Aside from that I have been seeing a lot of my friends, we played some tennis and badminton, chatting, a cheeky McDonalds McFlurry run here and there!
This weekend I went into London with a few friends and we went on the Shoreditch pub crawl – which was hilarious and such a nice fun night out 🙂 We then stayed at his flat in London – which was gorrrrgeous! Although I ended up with literally the worlds biggest blisters on my feet, had to limp home and get mum to pop them for me (gross I know). Next week I am going away with my dad, stepmum, brother and half brother and sister for a week down on the south coast- which I am really looking forward to 🙂 Unfortunately taking work with me but there we go!

I am sorry that I have nothing that much of interest to share with you – no dramatic stories, no horrible tales; but I hope that for some of you who have been reading for a while, it will be nice to know that there is no more of that at the moment! As of right now, I am just revelling in my freedom and my ability to do what I want Crohns free! I worry about this blog -about boring people, about writing too much or too litte, about posting too often…but I am just going with what feels right- I still CANT BELIEVE how many of you out there read these warbles, and it truly warms my heart! Thank you, thank you, and thank you a few times more. You will never know how lovely it is 🙂

H x

Fighting the flab!

So I am back home for Easter now, and loving being back with the family and seeing some of my friends from home who I haven’t seen for months – because I missed seeing most of them over Christmas due to being in hospital. Its lovely! I do unfortunately have a lot of work on at the moment though  😦 I have something mad like 4 essays, a presentation to make, a write up to do and revision for one exam – so these aren’t going to be the most relaxing of weeks!


My aim over Easter is to shed a few pounds ( I know- not the best time of year to try!) and just get a tad slimmer or more toned. Nothing crazy; I know I couldn’t really be described as fat, but I am definitely feeling “podgy” which just isn’t that fun!  I think it was because for SO long before I hadn’t been able to truly eat what I wanted when I did; and then when I got ill I lost quite a bit of weight quite quickly so that everyone kept commenting on it – which meant that straight after the op (well, after the recovery) I went a bit mad! I have been able to snack, eat red meat, eat whatever really, and aside from that people kept saying “you look underweight and ill” – which is a free pas to go crazy on the chocolate bourbons and make yourself look healthier again right? well that was my approach! So, not doing anything drastic – just cutting out snacking and trying to eat a slightly smaller portion of meal. I am not stopping any foods, or if I am out dong something special then screw it I am allowed a slice of cake (!); but generally trying to be healthier and drop a few pounds by the end of Easter (maybe too optimistic?!)


Hope you are all coming up to some sort of break for the holidays!


H x