Little life update…

Ciao amigos,

Hope you are all well. Or at least better than me…for now…since I am currently stuck at home with the flu (or something super similar). LAME. I am a little concerned about managing to fight this off, especially with my rubbish immune system (thanks, aza). I am due to go away the start of the second week of February, and really want to make sure that I am feeling better by then, because I know that normally I just drag things out, and continue to feel ill for longer period of time.


I am not really sure where this blog is going to go from now on, obviously I will continue to track my crohns journey, but I am not sure I can keep blogging about healing over my breakup, because its just so messy and complicated.

With regards to Crohns – I have a check up appointment on Wednesday, and hopefully that will be helpful, not only to be able to check in with the specialist but also to see if there was anything new spotted in the camera test – which I assume there wont be, or else they would have contacted me earlier. The hospitals have been so unreliable and badly organised recently, I am concerned that they aren’t going to have all my test results, or it wont be a helpful consultation, and in which case I am going to kick off a bit – this appointment should have been March last year but kept being postponed because nobody could get this one test organised, so if by now (the test was about 3 months ago) they haven’t got the results transferred, I will be so so frustrated! I think I an still in remission, I am not feeling great – a combination of stress, work stress and illness; which I think is all a bit much for my poor body, so am glad I have the day off today to rest and try and heal a bit more!

With regards to my break up – its been 9 months – how crazy! Enough time (theoretically) for my body to make and grow an entire functioning human being, but not enough for my heart and head to heal fully – how is that possible!? Life is better, and smoother, and less focussed on him and my out of control feelings around him, and now I can go days without thinking of him, and it just is such a smaller part of my life.  A fleeting thought, a passing memory, but nothing as important as it once was, which in itself feels a small miracle. I have had a bad few days recently, thinking of him and being unrealistic, and I think the fever hasn’t been helping with the vivid, miserable dreams! But I think I need to just look back and acknowledge how far I have come – maybe its taken me longer than most, maybe I haven’t always handled things the right way, but I am moving forward, and that is the main thing. I have been on a few dates, but nothing major, and with nobody special – and I am feeling ready for a boyfriend again, for that intimacy and closenss, I just cant be bothered with dating! I just want to find a best friend first, and have something go from there- which I know is so rare, but it is what happened with him, and it was perfect. I am having to try really hard to keep on top of my brain, and keep quashing these stupid, harmful memories of him.

So I had a few issues with mutual friends of his, and that hasn’t really changed. I have tried a few times to build that friendship back up, but it isn’t happening. For now, I texted them both and just said that I love them, and want to go back to how we were, but that cant happen until I genuinely accept and am okay with their choice to remain such close friends with him, and honestly, I am not there yet. There is no point pretending, and trying to suppress the feelings because they will always be there silently in the corner, so the only thing to do is work through it, and once I am okay with it, the friendship can go back .Ultimately, to be honest I think they are closer with him now, than with me; because he would never have faced the issues I did, he was clearly over me the minute he ended that phone call to dump me- in fact I think he had been over me for a while before that, so for him, it was never a hardship. Whereas I needed to cut every possible aspect of contact with him out my life, because its the only way I could progress to where I am now, and hopefully keep it going. Regardless, I think I am dealing with it the most mature way I can, with everyone knowing where I stand and being honest; but to be honest I think those friendships are gone, hey are lost, and they cant be got back.

I have also made some new friends, and strengthened my friendship with lots of other people, and experienced things in lots of new places. Life is good, but hard, and funny and interesting but difficult and challenging and all these things. Finally, I am back to being able to see more of a balance. Long may it continue.

H x


Happy 4 years, little scar


But, I just realised, it was 4 years ago today, exactly, that I had my operation for Crohns!

How life has changed…goodness! And also just over 4 years that I have been blogging here, crazy to be able to look back over all my posts and see just how my life has progressed.  I went back and read my posts from every December over the past 4 years, just to see how different my life has become, and it is CRAZY.

So, in memory of my scar. And THAT day. Here are the things that stick in my mind from that time:

I remember going there, and waiting in my gown and stocking thinsg, and mum taking a photo and I looked about 12 – the combination of lack of makeup, being ill, and being terrified. The Anaesthetist was delayed, so we ended up waiting so long to go in, that my adrenaline kept fading away, then someone would walk past and it would go again. I remember I had just got my ears pierced and was so worried about taking the earrings out for the surgery (had to) and that they would heal over. I said to my mum when she saw me wheeled back she HAD to a) check if I had a stoma, and b) put my earrings back in! I remember walking down the corridor in my slippers and dressing gown when the time finally came. I remember ling on the bed and trying to be calm, but being so scared, and the whole thing feeling surreal. The nurse was talking to me, trying to be nice and calming and asking about my degree and my life, then feeling my limbs going heavy as the anaesthethic kicked in, and being outraged that they hadn’t asked me to count backwards from 10! And then, I remember waking up in this bed, with this lovely nurse with me – I just opened my eyes and was so tired and groggy and a bit tearful. He smiled, and said hi, and held my hand, and gave me the morphine button, and stroked my hair away that was stuck in my face, and I just slept, slept slept. I remember getting wheeled into a lift…and then seeing my mum. And sleeping. And hurting. And asking her to check if I had a stoma. And seeing my swollen, bruised, bloody and bandaged stomach (sounds dramatic) and just sleeping. And then the next few days are a bit of a blur!


I remember needing more morphine per dose. I remember being sick in the night. I remember that time lost its meaning  – there was no real day and night, I just slept and watched TV whenever, there was always nurses about and every few hours they did checks, so I never got fully to feel like there was a private night time. the only difference was when my family visited, in the day time. I remember having weird morphine induced phone calls (although they seemed normal at the time). I remember crying and calling my parents asking them to come and save me, and telling them what awful parents they were for abandoning me, those 2am times in pain and all alone, they werehard. But that Christmas day, when my mum decorated my room, and at 2am a different nice, bald nurse man sat with me and chatted. And he had an accent, although I cant remember what. And he was so nice, and talked to me for ages, and made me feel less lonely. Then all my family rotated through the hospital, and we played a game that made me laugh but that hurt my side so then I laughed more at the fact I couldn’t laugh! And I ate a chocolate pot for my Christmas lunch which was the biggest thing I had eaten in days. And I was able to show them how I could walk across the room. I remember my mum wheeling me about in a wheelchair, I remember being unable to walk to the chair let alone the window, I remember, so much. It is is so weird.

I am so proud of me, I was so strong. Not as much as others, I know, but , I was. For me. And I am proud of my family, and so amazed at the pain I was in, and what I overcame. And what I went through before that, to get to that point, and to get past that point. And obviously so much in my life has changed since then, but I am glad to report,  touch wood, that crohns is still one of them. I am, so far, still in remission (after another flare up post op) and I hope to goodness I never get put back into that situation.
I am sorry for the long ramble, entirely unexpected. but knowing what I was doing 4 years ago – lying in that bed, asleep, hurting, confused, with so much still to come…well, it deserves a bit of reflection.


H x

Happy Christmas!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone recently – and that it is nearly Christmas! HOW?!

I have been really busy recently, trying to make the most of my time at work, and maximising any potential opportunities I have left. At the end of January my maternity cover job ends (the one I love!) which has been two days per week for the last year. Trying not to get too emotional about it (and definitely not succeeding!) so struggling with the sadness that comes with leaving a great job and an even better team. This means that at the end of January I will only be working one day per week in a Volunteer Coordinator role (very cool) and then having a 0 hours contract in my other job, which is…difficult.

My other job has actually given me a lot of hours ( all weekend based, sigh) for January, so at least my pay check shouldn’t suffer TOO much…but I am definitely feeling the stress/ misery / heart break at having to start the job hunt again. ITS TOO SOON I feel like screaming! But, alas, it has to be. The job I am doing that is on 0 hours is frustrating – I like the role and am good at it, I just got given a kinda of promotion ( in title only) to be coordinating the volunteer team there too – meaning more responsibility, recruitment, creating and running training programs, trips, scheduling new training, bringing in new opportunities for current volunteers etc – so much opportunity and flexibility to bring in new initiatives and really revitalise and improve the existing program, and I am SO excited about it. But, they aren’t giving me enough hours to do the work. Leaving me with the dilemma of not doing enough or not doing it well enough, or having to do work unpaid from home. Neither of which is really an option. Its one of those awkward growing-pains type stages- if you get what I mean? I just feel a little in limbo. Almost settled, but also definitely not. Almost stable, but nowhere near. Almost ready to move out and be a grown up, but with no stability I am also not. Its hard. Hard to keep plodding on sometimes when you think you are going forward but then end up just as far back as before.


Something I am really struggling with at the moment is to not compare myself to others – either my peers, or my work colleagues, or just some randomer on the train. I feel like I am not doing well enough at work, or I should have a better job, or I should get better paid, or have a boyfriend, or be going on more dates, or have moved out, or be investing in a house, or be going out drinking more, or be hitting the gym and losing weight, or have better eyebrows or WHATEVER the situation is, I just am feeling a lot like I am not good enough. I have some incredible friends and family, and am really trying hard to absorb the mantra, and remind myself, that we aren’t all living in one path -there may be a beginning and an end for everyone, but (cliché as it sounds) the journey between the two really is a rollercoaster, with a million pit stops along the way, which are different for every person. I can even have the exact same goals as the person sat next to me, but I can reach them in my own time, following my own journey along the way. And even typing this makes me want to vomit in my mouth, it so cliché and over-motivational, but it is also true. I can write all this, and know it to be true, but that doesn’t mean I know how to implement that in my daily life. but, I am trying. And I will keep trying.

I want to get to the stage where I am just, happy with myself. With how I look, and how I act, how I am working, how I feel about myself, all of it. And I am sure that I will get there, I hope I will, but I sure as hell am not there yet.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and new year, if I don’t get around to posting between now and then (possible)

H x

Little Life update



so I have definitely lost my blogging mojo for a  while…but I just wanted to update you a little. I am still feeling low, and struggling to get over my heartbreak – but am powering on and doing my best to focus on positive aspects of my job, friendships and family, of which there are many good things for sure.

I have some new job opportunities coming up, about which I am really excited. I think it will help me to move towards some more job security as well as giving me the chance to work in volunteer management and some of the other areas I want to move into. I hope to find out how it will all fit together in the next few weeks, so it is a nerve wracking but exciting time!

Aside from that, absolutely loving my friends, and making more friends through work too which is nice- it means I am getting out more, with a bigger variety of people, and having a nice social life, where I finally am back to feeling more like myself and enjoying socialising without feeling awkward, or ashamed of myself, or like I am not as funny or pretty or clever as the others- which I think I am realising is what I felt 90% of the time when I was with my ex and his friends…an outsider, who constantly had to try to impress people to fit in, and it just shouldn’t be that way, and that constant pressure and knowledge of how they felt about me, eventually was one thing that really got in out way.

My brother is back from Australia, he isn’t very well at the moment so spending a lot of time at home, and I hope he will be feeling better soon! Until then, I am trying to make the most fo the time when he is about, and enjoying having him home again!

I hope to get more into regular posts again, but for now, I have a little lost my love of writing, and feel like more of the same mopey posts isn’t what anyone needs!


More to come,

H x

I just feel like a shit friend, a bad person, and a general failure.

Argh. Sat here with tears streaming down my face, and I cant even begin to explain why. My stupid stress and anxiety, and my relationship with my friends and theirs with my ex boyfriend is just bringing everything crumbling down around me, and I just…I feel like whatever I do is wrong.

One of my best friends wants to stay friends with my ex, and we had multiple arguments and awkward conversations about it, but never reached an agreement where we were both happy- because we wanted such different things, and neither could change the others feelings about the matter. I have been weighing up the value of her friendship to me, vs the anxiety it has been causing me. And that may sound callous and harsh, but ultimately I am desperate to stay her friend, and love being around her and the happiness she brings into my life-  but also her link to him, and her bringing him up and talking about him to me, gives me such anxiety it hurts, and everytime we talk I am just waiting for her to drop another bomb about him, another bit of information that breaks my heart just that little bit more, or another new story about how his life is moving on so much better and brighter without me. And, its tough.


Long story short after today I spoke to a few people and got some advice and wanted to sit down with her and say, in essence, I know I cannot control your friendships or ask you to not be friends with him, but I also want you to know how goddamned hard this is for me, and much anxiety it is causing me, and how, honestly, I am struggling to be your friend right now. Not to force her to pick, or to guilt trip her, but to let her know the truth about how I am feeling, and how that may impact me, in terms of backing away from her a bit. And  I tried so hard to write it out properly and get it prepared, but then she called me, sprung a different topic on me and it all went to shit. Long story short, she called my ex, told him I have said they aren’t allowed to be friends anymore, then called me saying “just to let you know I called him, said this, and now you win so we aren’t friends congratulations, but I now also hate you for what you made me do so I need to cut you out my life for a bit as well, and see if I can forgive you”. And I feel like I lost a best friend, and I don’t know how it comes back from this. This is never, ever what I wanted.

And it isn’t all my fault, and I hate hate hate the fact that when I was trying to explain the genuine anxiety I get- and how yes, I know many of the things I stress over are irrational and ridiculous, but to me they are so real and terrifying, and so much more; but she almost dismissed it, and made me feel like I could get over it if I just tried harder. But I cant. And I wish I could. Because it had a huge part in my break up, and now a huge part in this, and I hate myself for not being stronger to deal with it, but I just don’t think I can. So I feel guilty, and bad, and ashamed and sad how it all happened, and I would do anything to change it. but I cant. And now… now I just wait and hope that she texts me and forgives me. But I am not sure she will. And that will be utterly miserable.

I feel like everytime I try to fix things, or express myself, or move things forward, I fuck it up even more. And I am sick of feeling like such a failure at everything, and like I am constantly making the wrong decisinos and hurting people at every corner, as well as myself. I wish I was better at articulating my anxieties to people, and helping them to understand me, but to do that I would probably need to understand myself better to….

Sigh. I can only hope tomorrow will be better. I guess another sleepless nightmare-filled night is in order for me. My subconscious just loves to remind me what a bad person I am, and I am starting to get sick of it.

H x

Hey stranger, its been a while…

I don’t really have much to write. And, sadly, I feel like I lost my writing mojo a while back…but this blog used to mean so much to me, a real life line to my feelings and a way for me to process things. But now, now it feels monitored, by my ex. Which I KNOW is stupid, I know that ONCE he bothered to read this, but that was when he cared and when things were different, but the fact that he can read this at anytime, terrifies me. He is the only person in my life I ever trusted enough to tell, so I think that’s why he found it so easy to track me down online – but now I feel I cant write how I used to, as freely as I once did. I wanted to draft a few open letters on here, but I can’t, because, I can’t get my head around it.


I am working hard, and enjoying work and doing well. Unfortunately I think one of my contracts is about to end and not be renewed due to budget, but other than the stress of having to restart job hunting, life is good. We have been doing a lot of preperations for mums wedding, enjoying life with a new puppy, and making the most of my newly freed up time to see as many friends as possible.

I need to find a new way to define my relationship with this blog, and with any readers wh are still there. For me, this was never about becoming internet famous, or building a huge following, it was about finding a way to throw my frustrations and fears out into the wind and hoping it would help me process.

On the Crohns front, am booked in for a capsule endoscopy next month, which will be interesting but should help bring up some results about the current position – hopefully showing that it is still in remission!

Hope everyone is well.

H x

Trying to draw a line under it…

Okay, so there is no easy way to summarise my feelings from the break up, or how I am feeling now. So I am not sure there is much point trying. I am doing my best, going to therapy, looking after myself, trying to plan new things, and focussing on my family, friends and the other positives in my life. However, it is hard to ignore and still a battle I am fighting each and every day to try and not let it overcome me.

I was finding it too hard to blog, because the breakup was so consuming that I didn’t know how to write about anything else, but now I look back and don’t want that to be a reason that I stop writing, not when this blog has meant so much to me in the past. So, I am back, and going to do my best!

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow morning to practice doing another test-  some kind of swallow-the-camera-in-a-pill (not sure that is the technical name!). And before you do the test you have to do a practice with a placebo pill to make sure it agrees with your system, so that is what I am going to be doing. Then on Wednesday for a check up, then hopefully it will go okay and I can crack on with getting the ACTUAL test done, finally. I am also hoping to do some blood tests tomorrow, or Wednesday, to keep on top of everything. Sometimes being in remission means its to easy to forget how bad everything can be. I have been through one of the most stressful times of my life, and I am feeling beyond grateful that my crohns (thus far) hasn’t been impacted by that!

I am working full time, by working 2 part time jobs, and loving them. Although I need something a bit more permanent! And hopefully better paid 😉

Anyway, that’s a mini update for now, and I hope to get back on track with the positivity and focus that this blog used to contain for me.

Big hugs

H x

Being dumped. My 1st time.

I haven’t written in a long time, and I am not even sure I can see through my tears enough to do so now. But somehow I need to air my feelings, clear my head, write it out.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend said he wasn’t that happy – we had been arguing a lot- and we talked and made some changes to our relationship. He wanted more freedom, time to be more selfish, me to have less say in his life, and not having to focus on other people in essence-  and that isn’t just me doing a selfish summary. I made all those changes that he asked of me. I asked, in return, that he would be more considerate towards me, make me feel special sometimes. But not one day did he do that. He promised me this sunday (just gone) that he would plan a special date, to make me feel special and remind me of how much he loved me, and I looked forward to it for so long. He went out the night before, got home and cuddled me to sleep, telling me about all the fun we would have the next day.

Turns out, the next day, sunday, he woke up, showered, came back and broke up with me. In that moment it felt like my life was falling apart. I begged him not to, to think it through, to give it time. We talked, and cuddled, and made each other laugh and he asked for two weeks of no contact to get his head straight. I dropped him at his friends, and when we left he promised me that he loved me, that he wanted this to work, that he believed it would work, that he just wanted time to think about how we can make things better, using it as a restart break I suppose. I gave him time and space, although waiting were the hardest two days of my life (or at least I thought so at the time). Then Tuesday I sent him a letter via facebook. It was the hardest letter I ever wrote in my life, telling him how much I loved him, and missed him, and with my thoughts on what we could change to move forward. I wanted him to be able to read it and think about it in his own space without my being too forceful. It took me two days to write and re-write and plan, and I poured my heart and soul into that letter. Everything I had. Anyway, he replied instantly saying thank you and he could call me later, sent me kisses. Long story short, he went to play rugby, then he went to the pub and told me to wait up so we could call. Then at 11pm on Tuesday night he called me, and dumped me. In a 20 minute phone call he broke up with me, said we couldn’t talk or see each other again, and my world collapsed.


I don’t know how to write this in a logical way, or in a way which can help me to process this, because right now I still feel it is a cruel trick. I know things weren’t great between us for a while, but he was / is the love of my life. My first everything. My first true love, and I thought my only. I promised him forever and I meant it – he promised me forever, and he changed his mind through a phone call. He threw me away like last weeks rubbish, not even being worth a visit or to say it to my face. I feel utterly worthless. I have given him three years of my life, and he has been one of, if not the, most important person in my life since the first day of university when I met him. And yet, he wants this done. He fell out of love with me, or in love with someone else, or just thought he would be better without me. Imagine that. Giving someone everything, and then being told they think they will be better WITHOUT you. He thinks I’m such a negative, shitty human that he will benefit from never seeing me again. There are not enough words to explain my pain. I keep my phone by me every second, hoping against hope that he will change his mind, but I also know he wont.

I will never get to kiss him again. Or hold his hand. I will never get to snuggle my face into his chest and feel safe. I will never have sex with him again, or feel close to him. Or have him look at me like he loves me. Or go on holiday again. Or fall asleep in his arms. I can imagine every inch of him and how he looks and smells and feels to me, and I will never ever have that again. I am shaking an crying as I write this, because I can tbelieve it to be true. Everybody says time will help, that I will move on and find someone new. But I don’t want that. I don’t want someone new. I want him. Not a single part of me was ready to give up, I honestly feel he was the best thing in my life, by far, and now he is gone. I don’t know how to do this without him. I want to call him and love him and hug him, and I cant believe that if I turned up outside his work he wouldn’t meet me like normal – with a smile and a kiss and a “hows your day”-  but now I have to try and accept that that’s true. That will never happen again.

I cant eat, I cant sleep. I have lost 4 pounds in the last few days through stress and sadness. Can you waste away from being heartbroken? Because I want to. I have so many incredible friends and family around me, who are stepping up and stepping in. But I feel like every part of me is cracking and falling off, and they are just acting like a glue to hold me together, but inside, I am broken.

All those memories, all those shared smiles and secrets, they weren’t worth keeping to him. I cant explain my pain, and I have no idea how to. I know I need to accept it is “the end”, to start moving on and focussing on all the positives. To not think about him and what he is doing, but to focus on myself. But I cant. Every minute I just keep hoping that he will contact me, will change his mind. I would do anything for that. But I know that I cant force it. But I wish, with everything I have, that this wasn’t happening. I want him so badly its insane. And I cant fathom that my best friend, my boyfriend, my everything, he is gone. And because he chose to leave me. Nobody made him.


I don’t know what else to write that I haven’t already said to someone. I just know that my heart is broken, and shattered, and the only person who can help me is the one who threw me away. Every minute seems like an hour. Everything seems pointless. And I am hurting. So, so much.

H x

Mental health

Okay so I know I gave up a bit on my daily posts, and I am sorry – I really enjoyed doing them to be fair, the general updates and the ability to chat about something that wasn’t a “this-is-what-I-have-done-in-the-last-3-months-since-I-posted” type thing, and I promise I will try to keep up the regular posting.

I am going through a shitty stage right now. And I don’t think I am coping very well. Or know how to cope very well. And its all a bit tough. I am not even sure why I am writing this, or that I want to – its something that is very recent and raw and I am battling with it, and I don’t really want a bunch of strangers on the internet to judge me over it. But, I started this blog to be honest and true, and a space to vent, and that is what it should be. I genuinely think mental health needs to be talked about more, and supported more and the stigma around it removed, but how can I think that and then refuse to be open and honest about hard times; because the overwhelming need to always act like everything is fine is one of the problems here. It IS okay to not be okay. It really is.

I have always known I am quite an anxious person, for as long as I can remember, and I don’t know if that is a bit of OCD, or anxiety or what, but it has always been there. But in the past year or so it has really been getting worse, and then I cant control my emotions, I cry over everything, and get genuinely worked up and upset over stupid thing. And then in the past few months my anger has really reared its head- and I am ashamed just to type that. (And to be honest the only reason I am brave enough to write this post is because I try to keep myself anonymous and separate from my daily life, so that this cant get back to me. But still. So – if for any reason you do know me. pretend you never read this. please? because if I knew people were reading it, I would never be able to write as freely as I do.) I just get SO angry over silly things, ti the point where I genuinely cant control my rage, and this and all the other things is impacting my relationship, and my family, and mainly me. So, I reached out, to a therapist, to the doctors, I do need help, and I am going to try and get it. But, as a side note, I have a lot going on in my life, and I think it is okay to admit that I am coping with a lot, and that its okay to find that tough.

So, I know this post is mega long and boring already, but here is a list of what is on my mind at the moment, written as a moment of self appreciation for juggling these without combusting any sooner.

  • Unemployment. I finished my masters nearly 6 months ago and was under the impression, given by many of the tutors, that work would be do-able. It hasn’t been for me. I now have a cool job for 2 days per week, starting in 2 weeks, but that isn’t really enough. And its only for 6 months. So what do I do the other three days? What do I do if this doesn’t get extended?
  • General job insecurity – where the hell will I be in a year? do I keep following my dreams or go for security and money?
  • Living situation – moving between my mums, dads and boyfriends every few days is exhausting. I never unpack my suitcase, and constantly move about. last week I reached 14 days moving somewhere new every single night. I just want a home, and a room, that is my room.
  • Boyfriend – we are arguing SO MUCH. and it is mainly my fault, because of my anxiety I am not coping well with everything else and its all building up and I am not being a good girlfriend or friend or person and that makes me hate myself even more. Bleugh. Plus we are trying to live together, but that is on hold because of my job situation, and the fact it is bloody terrifying
  • Crohns – OBVS. always there . always a general haunting threat at the back of my mind, oh the joys. Got to arrange to have some new tests done in a few weeks, so that should be fun
  • Family – My dads separation / divorce or whatever. I found out my stepmum and half siblings are moving house again, further away, to somewhere bigger and more permanent. Not that I was officially told, except by my 9 year old sister who, obviously, assumed I knew. Not. It is a huge stress and sadness in my life to have my family be divided again.


And so many of those categories have subcategories and more. And I am sorry if I am selfish and moaning and rambling on. But this is my blog and I will do what I want 😉

No, but seriously. I am having a really rough time at the moment, and sometimes I just need to put it on paper to know that I am not crazy (or not totally at least!) and that I am dealing with a lot, and its okay to not be okay. I just hope that this doesn’t last for too much longer, because being okay is much more fun.


Chin up,

H x

Crohns and Dieting? Hmm…. Day 18, 2017

MORNING GUYS. For once decided to post first thing (I mean, 10.30am, but close enough!). I have decided to try and lose weight, not as a new years resolution or anything (always fail) but just because enough is enough. I want to fit my clothes better, feel skinnier, look slimmer, and generally get a bit more self confidence back. I do want to lose weight, and have given myself a target weight-  but its not really so much about the numbers, as about how I feel about myself when I look in the mirror. I wasn’t going to tell you guys about it, I guess I am kinda scared to admit it incase I can’t reach my goal- but screw it, that is an extra reason to tell everyone -TO MAKE ME DO IT.

Here are some cheeky motivational posts to a) liven up my blog (check – see yesterdays aim of including more pictures!) and b) give me/ anyone else something to push us along on this Wednesday morning





So, there is the motivational part of this post. I am trying to lose two stone by the end of May, mainly be eating better and eating less, and trying to be more aware of the lack of exercise I do, and trying to increase that where possible. The thing is , I really do need a job, I cant spend all day just going on long walks, and I move around way too much to bother buying a gym membership. SO it will be extra walks where I can, stairs not lifts, workouts where possible, jogs where possible, etc. I hope to do lots of sit ups and similar each day just at home to, which I think will help.

My main issue is dieting -with Crohns. Most diets say eat minimal portions (fine) and switch to things such as Brown pasta, brown rice, lots of vegetables etc – all of which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I try to eat with my crohns. For example, if I ate a salad a day for lunch, instead of being super healthy, it would probably cause me issues due to digestion etc – which is just counter productive. I have googled some diets to do (I don’t want a strict diet to follow necessarily, just ideas of better meals) but couldn’t find much. I am going to see my consultant next week, so I will talk to him then too for some advice , but if anyone reading this knows of anything helpful PLEASE let me know, would be appreciated! I am just going to start with: no snacks, small portions, more vegetables in meals, less carbs per meal, and trying to have more variety and drink less fizzy drinks but more water. All of these changes are do-able, and I am calorie counting too, to try to hold myself accountable for all the cheeky little snacks.

So, that’s my plan. Fingers crossed when I stand ready for my summer holiday, this year I will know, I HAVE lost weight.

H x