Think I have finally got the hang of this cooking malarky…

So, Im on a cooking trend – trying to make myself nice food, put a bit of effort in and enjoy the rewards! and so far? YUM!

I have found over the weekends if I make a dish that lasts several meals, it means that when I am more tired over the week I don’t have to cook – last weekend was the worlds best macaroni and today I just made beef Cannelloni. Both were a suprising success!

I just think I am quick to blog when something goes wrong or I need to rant and moan, but heres a much happier update- I really can cook 😉 and aside from that I can enjoy cooking and the food that I prepare and eat without worrying about Crohns. If I am loving it I can have a second portion (within reason!) I can eat fruit and veg, and more red meat without worrying. I can cook what I want, when I want, and I am making full advantage of it!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend – heres hoping the weather is better next week!

H x