Just an add-on to yesterdays post,  this is my right arm yesterday with the cannula in – the first in my left was unsuccessful and is still painful today :/

I sent this as a snapchat to a few of my friends who wanted updates on how yesterday went and I was too shaky, nervous or sedated to type properly – so a quick snap was perfect!

Something that made me sad, but also made me laugh ; was that so many of my friends were grossed out ir shocked by how medical it looks- in a hospital gown and bed with needles taped into your arm. Yes jt isn’t the nicest sight, and Im not exactly the biggest fan of it- but I am so used to it now, so used to hospitals and the procedures and the rest that it seems not so bad to me. It saddens me that my life is just that little bit different to all my friends in that this scene is a part of my life and one that is still so alien to them.  This “casual-ness” (sorry no idea of a better word ahha)  on my part towards the procedures backfired a little bit yesterday when I acted fine but then reality hit me about two hours before the colonoscopy and I felt so sick and shaky- putting on a brave face is fine but I need to remember to allow myself a panic and time to prepare!

H x

Colonoscopy 2 done and dusted. OUCH.







Seriously. Just to re-iterate. IT HURT THIS TIME.

So. I needed this colonoscopy to be done, because its 9 months since my operation and I have been due to have it for the past 3 months, but unfortunately due to personal circumstances, university work and several other reasons I wasn’t able to get it done. Regardless of knowing that this was coming for a long time, I was not ready for it! I have been trying to act casual and stay calm for a long time about it, even talking it down to my boyfriend and housemates – but I was terrified both of the procedure, the cannulas and the fact that I would be hearing results and I was nervous about what they would be!

Anyway I took the Picolax for the last day, and this morning as required. I also was fasting and being generally a little nervous and miserable! Although to be fair, my friends did a fantastic job of keeping me busy and keeping my mind of it. So this morning I was hanging out in my house with my housemates who were all hungover from a night out (which I couldn’t go on :/ damn crohns!) and then they had to go out / go home so I had a 2 hour wait before my dad arrived to take me to the hospital. I watched some iplayer and then packed a bag; since I decided to come home for the weekend to recover and see the fam.

We got there at just before 3, and were shown to my room where the nurse came and asked for the last few details – and then I had to do a pregnancy test to check (NEGATIVE incase anyone was worried 😉 – I wasn’t!) and then got in the gown etc and waited. Spoke to my consultant again, who is soooo lovely – and then about half an hour later a nurse came to collect me and off we went. I was pretty nervous but everyone was lovely and I settled down and got the oxygen mask on before they put the cannula in my left elbow for the sedation drug. However it wasn’t in properly or shifted so when they tried to inject anything it REALLY hurt and when I told them they decided they had to do the other one as well; which was horrible and painful and I hated every minute! I don’t think I had enough / as much sedation as last time because I was all too aware of what was going on! Regardless we ploughed on, and got it done – although at time it was so so painful I was moaning and yelling! It was so uncomfortable and although everyone was lovely I was near to tears at times; very unlike when I last had it done. The upside of all this drama was that…

…he said there is no signs of crohns returning at the moment! YES YES YES YES YEEEEES!

So very happy, only just really starting to sink in now! They took some biopsies (how weird to see on the camera them pinching out bits of your insides haha) so waiting for those results, but feeling so happy about it all!

Finally got wheeled back to my room, had lots to drink and a sandwich then quite a long nap! Dad and I just got home and am spending the evening chilling out at home and getting some TLC and trying to let my poor left arm recover, its seriously sore!

So a painful day, but one that was worth it for the news I just heard!

Apologies for the long post! Wishing you all a pain-free happy weekend 🙂

H x

MRI Update

Sorry its been a few days since I last wrote, am trying to write short but regular posts so I don’t end up boring everyone to death, but I have had the most crazy Crohn’s week, so havent been able to write at all 😦


The first thing to update you on is my MRI – bleughhh how grim are they? well, not as bad as many other procedures  – but not much fun either! So luckily my friend came with me, we turned up for the MRI and she was merrily eating the free mince pies tat were on offer at the hospital! I drank the contrast juice, which this time actually tasted really good just like orange juice 🙂 After this we went through and I got changed into my gown and went through to get the Cannula put in – I hate needles! They let my friend come in with me and hold my hand whilst they put it in, she was very supportive! Then we sat back in the waiting room and I finished the contrast, or at least most of it, and then went to the room and lay in the machine. It was really different to the one I had last time, it was truly a polo machine where I lay on my back and then had an injection and a blanket put over me and slid into the MRI machine – little bit claustrophobic! Anyway endured the 30 minutes in the machine with the “breathe all the way in, and out, and in and hod your breath now please” until it was all finally done and I could leave with a hot chocolate to sit with my friend again 🙂 Felt pretty dizzy but okay, so they took out the cannula and I got changed back again, although I felt decidedly groggy and weird for the rest of the day :L


Thougt I would let you know about the week in two smaller posts, n attempt to not bore everyone into not reading! I was wondering what experiences you guys had with operations and the preperations?


H x