So, it has been a little while. My apologies for not posting- life is…weird?

It started to feel like a little bit of normality was creeping back in – we were able to see people a little more, and although we were super cautious (have tried to stay outside as much as possible, and not going inside to eat or doing activities like swimming or the cinema etc) we have been seeing more of family and friends which has been lovely. It has mostly been seeing friends in parks, or on a few occasions we have had friends come over for dinner- but only one at a time, and distance is maintained where possible! Numbers are definitely on the rise again now though, and it looks like a second lockdown is imminent. At present certain parts of the country are locked down, and London is now on the list so I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes our way. I have been able to see more of family recently, which has been SO lovely, and even managed to stay at my dads house a few times, so that will be pretty sad if it has to be paused for a while.

My job situation is…interesting. It is causing me quite a lot of stress to be honest. My current other role has contracts up in the air and changing, and they have basically come back and said they will let me know if I still have my job…but only a week or so before my contract ends. The whole industry is changing and falling apart, and the lack of security is really stressful. It looks as though I may have to leave, and go to do something else, but I don’t want to. It hurts my little museum-y heart. I don’t want to be forced out of an industry that I have worked SO hard to get into, that I love and am good at, but I am honestly not sure what choice I will have.

Also, one of my housemates has bought a house, so that is exciting! we will be moving into it with him, probably before Christmas. It is a lovely house but needs a lot of work done, so that is a fun project to be keeping us busy. It is going to be extended, and repainted, and a new kitchen put in too – I am having a lot of fun looking at designs, and for my room! We met the consultant together so now they definitely think we are a couple – so hopefully that means they listen to my suggestions 😉 ha! We were saying s man people in our life may think that, sometimes it feels pointless to correct them. He is my safety husband (at 40¬) after all, so who knows. The way my love life is going, maybe I will end up with him! I think that is also something that is really hard…finding a partner and moving on with life when you are seperate from everyone and have to stay to yourself is really difficult. Bleugh.

Other news? Hmmm. None spring to mind. I am feelin g very grateful for all the friends and family I have around during this difficult time, and am trying to maintain relationships as much as possible. It is easier said than done- and it is crazy to me that it has been so long since I have seen some of my closest friends, approaching 6 months. It is lovely to see people over skype, but honestly it just isn’t the same. There are definitely little bunches of light though- this morning I skyped some volunteers from the job I was made redundant from, and it was just the happiest, loveliest hour. I feel pleased that the work I put into my relationships is worth it, I genuinely have a lovely web of people around me.

Life is very up, and then very down. It is all together bizarre, and some things feel normal and other don’t. Some days feel like happy moments happen, and others feel hopeless and never ending. Covid anxiety is a real fucking thing.

In terms of the world…BLM is still causing controversy with some people ( I don’t know how some people don’t understand the issues and what needs to change) but the main concerns surround covid and lockdown and new regulations. People are very angry that so many university students were allowed to go back into the halls but then all the classes were online, so it feels very much like a scam for their rent money. I think there are a lot of issuers like that- people are feeling like some rules apply to one group of people and not another, and it really doesn’t feel well managed in any way. There are also still all the anti-maskers and the people who are throwing large parties who are generally ruining things for everyone else. Elsewhere in the world it is the build up to the next US election, and so far it is a real shambles. I want to believe in my heart that there is no way that Trump can carry on, but that is honestly what I thought when he was first in the running, and that proved to be false. He has just ben diagnosed as positive with covid as of this morning, so that should be interesting!

Will try to update again soon.

H x

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