Sooo, a recap of my week thus far:

  • We had it confirmed we will be furloughed until the end of October. Which means not starting back at work until the 1st of November. If we don’t get recalled before then, it will mean we will have been furloughed for 7 months… that is insane, and something nobody could have seen coming at all. It really is interesting trying to balance my life with my worklife, and not seeing myself as worth less due to the lack of work. It is hard to try and enjoy being off work, without feeling guilty about it, or feeling the need to be productive. I am trying to enjoy the sunny weather and sit in the garden, but feel bad unless I am working or contributing some way too. My current routine is working in the mornings and relaxing in the afternoons, but I need to remember sometimes I can just take the day for myself without guilt


  • We booked a holiday! Myself and my two housemates have booked a cottage in the middle of yorkshire in the countryside to go and stay at for 3 nights next week. It isn’t the holiday we had planned for the year, but it will be SO nice to be away and somewhere different. It was really hard to find somewhere to stay with everything being booked up, but it should be really lovely. We have made it as covid safe as possible – it is just the three of us still, and we will be driving there and staying in a house alone, so essentially very similar to what we do here! We will take cleaning supplies and wipe down the kitchen and bathrooms when we arrive, but otherwise will spend the time enjoying the view and going on nice walks – it will jsut be such a good break for us mentally I think!


  • I have started finding a few jobs to apply for, which has been stressful but good. I am having to acknowledge that the heritage industry is crumbling, and I may need to look at other viable options in the charity sector. I hope that as long as my work feels meaningful and useful, then I will gain satisfaction from it. In reality, it breaks my heart to see the industry I love and value struggling so much, and I honestly don’t know how, or if, it will recover.


  • In terms of the virus itself…things seem to be easing off and from the 1st August pretty much everything seems to be opening as normal. It is crazy to see how some people truly seem to believe that everything is fine and gone, when the sad reality is it is still having a massive impact on people – maybe just not them.¬† I just checked the stats and so far the UK has had 301,445 confirmed cases and 45,961 confirmed corona deaths. That is, insane. It is still happening. We are being very careful as a house to not cause any further damage, and to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. We are still not using public transport (except my one time last week and when my housemate has to use it for his commute), eating out, visiting people etc. We are trying to see people at a distance in open spaces, and making the most of the nice weather to do so. I worry about what is it come in winter, so it is a hard balance of making the most of this summer whilst we can vs not being part of the problem when everyone goes crazy in summer and screws us up even more come winter.


I think that is a pretty fair summary of my life, and what is happening on a wider scale at the moment.

H x

Congratulations on getting through my rambles to the end of the post! Reading comments, feedback and questions literally makes my day, so please... comment below :)

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