Two days in a row..shocking!

There is nothing specific to say, I just wanted to denote that apart from all the BIG feelings, and the changes, and the thoughts on everything wider, there are also happy times. I have been both very happy, and also very sad, during this period, and I want that to be documented.

Last week I went to see two work friends at a National trust park, and we just walked around in the sunshine, dodging pouring rain showers, and it was LOVELY.  It was nothing special, just a walk in the park with a hot chocolate, but it was the first friends I had seen in months, and the first time I had got a take away drink from somewhere, and it was wonderful and revigorating and happy.  I have been enjoying going home, sitting in the garden and talking to people. There is nothing to do but talk, and that has made me appreciate the conversations I get to have with so many different people. On Saturday I went to my Aunties with my Dad and Grandma and we had a meal in the Garden. It was the first time I had not taken my own plates, and cups, the first time I had eaten food someone else had cooked at someone elses house in MONTHS (apart from takeaways!). And it was absolutely wonderful. It is the little things, that can really make you happy. This weekend we went on a walk in the surrey hills, and it was beautiful with hot weather and good views. We got a burger from a van (another first since March) and then an ice cream from the truck. We wiped them down, and gelled our hands, but we still did it. We sat on an old wooden bench in the sun and ate them, and it was honestly so lovely. The little things are bringing joy, and focussing on them and enjoying them is so important right now. 🙂

H x

Congratulations on getting through my rambles to the end of the post! Reading comments, feedback and questions literally makes my day, so please... comment below :)

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