Colonoscopy fun…againĀ 

So, I’m not going to start this blog off by saying sorry for how bad I am at posting – that’s just become the norm now and I don’t want to begin each post with an apology. Instead, I am going to start with a promise – to make a genuine effort to post more, I am challenging myself to write a post-a-day between now and Christmas, to get back into the habit.
Anyway, aside from that boring and pretty standard introduction, I hope everyone is well. Currently floating about in the bath (whilst blogging from my phone – I know, I’m a risktaker!) while waiting for my colonoscopy this afternoon. Again. It was only earlier this year – April I think?- that I had the last one. Bleugh.

I have this today, had an ultrasound and bloods recently, and a few other tests, to check on the nature of my crohns. So far all coming back clear (yay) but still experiencing a few symptoms (boo). So need to be making a decision with my consultant about the medicines I am on. Nothing ground breaking maybe, but as a 23 year old is prettt depressing to be stuck in this same old cycle.

Plus, now I know what is coming this afternoon. Having had this done maybe 5 times or so, if not more, in the past 3 and a half years, I count myself as a bit of a pro. But an unwilling one. I hate the preparation – turns out I get hangry pretty fast- but I can deal with it. I hate the prep medicine, but it is doable. But maybe the worst time is now, home alone waiting to leave and knowing what is coming, and how much it hurt last time. I sure have learnt to be thankful for sedatives! 

I guess a kinda dreary post, but  and I’m in a dreary kind of place, so, sorry. I have just graduated my masters with a 1st (yay) but am yet to find a job; so my days are pretty lonely at the moment, job hunting and rejection letters filling my time. But, let’s just focus on getting today out the way first, right?
The way I see it is I need to get this done to check on my health. I have drank the disgusting prep, I have fasted and eaten a reduced diet, I have done all of that and can’t back out of the procedure now. So, no point fretting I suppose – although easier said than done. Just have to put my head down, grit my teeth, and look forward to a nice meal once it’s done. 
See you on the other side,