I try so hard not to swear, but I literally have 0 other way of describing it. 
WHY AM I SO RUBBISH AT IT. Actually, seriously, why? 

Still results in a crying mess, shaking and feeling ill. Still can’t just “get it over with”. Still feel like a stupid baby afterwards. 

This post has literally 0 meaning aside from a good old fashioned sulk. It’s not fair, why should I have to do that? I don’t want to do it 😡 I want to be one of those people who can just pop and inject, smile for the camera and move on with their day. Unfortunately I am a massive baby and thus far incapable of that. 

I guess it has got a little easier now having had colonoscopy results and knowing that it’s working..so I guess I now know it’s worth the pain! But also grumpy because it means there’s little chance of me stopping it anytime soon haha- double edged sword for sure 😆

Anyway, sorry about the lack of insight and just a general sulk. I just really thought I would be better by now, and I’m dossapointed by what a baby I still am about it! 

Ahh well, plenty more times to try and get better I suppose!

H x


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