Making myself me again…

So as you may know I am currently…well unemployed I guess. I am embarking on the great job hunt post uni, and although I have had a few interviews and a few more coming up there isn’t anything I am crazy excited about at the minute- mainly because they aren’t working in museums which is where I ideally would like to work. But, hey ho. 

So I am currently interviewing for summer jobs to keep me busy and also “real life” jobs. I’m just struggling feeling a bit lost and without a purpose at the moment, which is hard. Also my boyfriend is off on the holiday of a lifetime soon with his friends, meaning I won’t see him for three weeks – and it’s the longest we have been apart, coming at a little bit f a rocky time For us too- which doesn’t help how I feel! I M spending way too much time thinking about him and moping around, and I need to be me again. I need to have more things going on in my life, and make me independent again…I hate feeling like this.

So, I am trying to plan a holiday with my friend and trying to get a job going on; I need to make me get back to me again. I need to make myself an independent person again. But that feels hard right now, I’m a bit lost and feeling a bit like a ghost. 

I hope you all are well 

H x

First solo injection done…(Y)

so on Sunday was my first time doing my injections without the nurse..scary indeed! My dad got it out of the fridge for me and then he held my hands whilst I actually injected it. I panicked a little  not going to lie – and I’m only 90 certain I held it in for the full tome, but I’m proud of myself for doing it and for pushing through the fear; hopefully fr here on I it will only get easier! 

Got s few job interviews lined up this week, as well as going to see my boyfriend before he goes to America for a while – gonna feel a little lost without him and nothing to fill my days! So heads up for a lot of blog posts coming your way ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Our cat of 19 years unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago , and I miss her so much- the house is so empty! But this evening we are off to visit some kittens, which is exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Hope you are all well,

H xx

Sun, sea…and crohns

hi all! Hope you are well ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Just a quick update here from me in sunny Portugal – on my first ever holiday with my boyfriend and his family and having an absolute blast (despite the mild sunburn!). It’s weird, my life is so different to how it was a few years ago – yet I would say it has just got better, and maybe In part that is due to crohns and how it changed me (or maybe that’s just overthinking things and this is how my life would have been anyway…just a lot easier!) 
Both me and my boyfriend find out our final university results tomorrow, which is beyond terrifying! But it does make it a little easier with the glorious weather, good company and beaches to take my mind off it! I am due my next hunira injection on Friday but because I am away I have delayed it until the Sunday – so much easier than bringing Ir away! Crohns has been pretty good recently (touch wood) but I am feeling the fatigue, come 7 o clock and I’m feeling super tired and in bed by 1030- which I feel a little guilty about for my poor boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He really wants a night out on the town but I keep being tired, but I have explained there’s no point waiting For a day when I won’t be, because it won’t come…so they either need to go without me or I will just come and do my best! Another thing that’s apparently reoccurring (as of this morning) is the rumbling….WHY is it so loud?! Gosh! Sat here in bed with a pillow pressed over my tummy to try to minimise the noise so it doesn’t wake him up…not sure im being successful! 
Anyway, overall all is good here, think it’s important to write these posts on good times too – else I will look back and forget all the brilliant things that happen in my life! 
Hope you are all happy and well,

H xx

Time flies…when your trying to avoid humira doses

so just a brief one to say hi, and that I’m lying in bed super nervous about this afternoon when I have my next (second) humira dose. 

I know I have done it before, and that its half the number of injections as the last time…but in still pretty scared. I remember it hurting so so much and the best thing about it is that it’s over quickly- but now I’m over thinking it and am super worried! My boyfriend and housemate will be around for about 1 when it’s happening, thankfully, all the moral support I can get is appreciated! I had such nasty dreams about it last night and goif wrong and all this crap, that I just need today to be over so I can move on with the next few weeks of happy times! Just recently I finished university for ever and so am enjoying the freedom before grad ball on mon (yay) and then just a few days before going away with my boyfriend and his family- can’t wait!! 

Gaaaaaah. Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole life either in pain, at the doctors, waiting for the doctors, or scared of something the doctors want me to do. Here’s hoping this afternoon is as quick and painless as possible! 
H xx