A time to reflect

So it’s Christmas eve and think a good time to reflect and post,  especially since I wull be crazy busy these next few days!

A few months ago at the start of the year I posted my new years resolutions ; and I wanted to look back and see what ones I achieved and what I didn’t, an interesting chance to have a physical reminder of what I once wanted and one I can’t shy away from!
So my list (in brief)  was :

-“be consistent in beating crohns, ie taking all the medicine and docs advice etc”  ——CHECK. Been really on it with medication and doctors appointments, blood tests and prescriptions ; all of it.  And so far it is paying off with no signs (touchwood)  of it returning.

– “don’t let crohns bring me down, brush off bad days” —— CHECK. This became a moot point since the operation as I managed to pull myself together and move on, it isn’t a day to day part of my life anymore.

– ” try to keep this blog active and increase readers ” ——CHECK. Wooooooo!  So proud of how this is slowly growing and expanding,  and how my little watch venting has grown to more. Thanks totally to you guys!

– “try to raise money for crohns ” ——-ah. Awkward.  Here is where I failed. I think it is a case of one of those selfish acts when I was better or not suffering it slipped my mind, didn’t seem as important as when I was in the throws of pain and needed help; and I feel that reflects quite badly on me.  I have no reason not to, aside from the feeble excuse that since crohns was no longer apart of my everyday life and thinking,  I removed it from everything I did instead of embracing it and trying to make a difference,  bad me. 😦

– “pass my exams and pick a dissertation topic ” —— CHECK.  Wooo all goinf well so far, and mid way through dissertation work now. Bring it on!

-” maybe most importantly of all, appreciate my friends and family “—–CHECK.  This year hsd been full of roller coaster for my family, with the loss of two of my grandparents really rocking the proverbial family boat.  But we are stronger than ever, and I couldn’t love or appreciate them more than I do now. I’m just slowly collecting more people, friends,  a boyfriend that I an adding to this circle and it only makes me happier 🙂

So there we have it, an almost total success; although the failure makes me reflect on myself.  I have had an all in all amazing year, and am excited for this festive period surrounded by loved ones

I wish you all a very merry Christmas :))

H xxx

Happy birthday to my scar

So, I know the last two posts havr been about anniversaries or achievements ; sorry to do it again…promise to keep this one brief!
But a year and a few days ago was the day of my operation,  and I can’t believe how much has changed since then. I don’t want this post to be too samey to ones I have already written, I just wanted it noted once more than in these 365 days everything has changed. I forget I even have a scar now, it is a part of me and something I shall never forget ; it is a reminder of how strong I am and the adversity I have over come,  and makes me appreciate all I have done in my crohns free year.
Long may this freedom and happiness continue!

H xx

Try and keep calm when I tell you…

I have reached…



today has been a day of momentous posts for me – 100 followers and reflecting on my year of blogging (that actually fell 4 days ago!)

Thank you, to each and every one of you; this blog has been such an outlet to me, and to see the numbers slowly creeping up has been a spur on those days when I thought what was the point. I have that not every post has been entirely mind numbingly dull, and that some of you may have been able to relate to the odd random rambling.

Its only 1.37pm but my day has officially been made!

A very grateful, H xx

1year and 4 days old

Happy birthday to my blog!
As of December 3rd it was officially one year old, and what a year it has been!
Looking back at my first post is crazy – so much has changed I’m almost a new person.
Everything about my life is different,  and for the better. I am happy, healthy, sociable,  stronger, everything – it is crazy for me to yhink back onto what it was like.
I remember writing that first post being sat on the beanbag in the corner of my room last year, curled up and in pain, crying periodically and being unable to work and function socially.  oh, hoe times have changed.
I think back on how I’ll I was. And it’s unbelievable,  it’s mad ti think I never realised how Ill I was, it happened so gradually that I never totally understood until the end.
I think crohns pain became a little like child birth, that pain is so intense and so all consuming that afterwards although you know you were in pain you physically can’t remember or imagine quite how bad it was…although I have obviously never given birth so I will let you know after that if ny analogy still stands 😉

There havr been high points, low points and many in between.  I gained a boyfriend and new friends along the way, but also lost two grandparents and a lot of time last year.  There is no way to know how different my life, and my personality,  could be right now – but so much has changed and this post is just about… Well that really! 

Sometimes taking a minute to realise how much has changed is all that is needed!

H xx