Get it out…..your belly I mean…


I am sure a lot of you might have seen or heard of this campaign – especially if you are a fellow sufferer. And I know I have mentioned it before, but just thought I would drop another quick line about it. (sorry, second post of the day – promise this one will be short 😉   ) I have joined the facebook group, along with about 2500 others who are either affected or live with those affected or the like. I am yet to post on the wall, for several reasons; but every day try to keep roughly up to date with the stories, comments, jokes, pictures, videos and sometimes cries for help or advice that are appearing there every day.

As such a large group there are of course troubles, there are sometimes little virtual skirmishes when people leave or have disagreeing views – but this is only to be expected, in the real world if you put 2500 people in a room and asked them to discuss a topic so close to their heart there would always be disagreements! I like this group, because it gives a (hopefully) safe place for people to vent, chat, meet and support each other who are all going through similar hardships. I like the fact that all the grisly details are mentioned and nobody bats an eyelid, we have all been there. I like the fact that people meet and go and support each other. I like the fact that people talk about totally unrelated topics – there is a lot more to each of us than simply being a sufferer.

If you are suffering from Crohns, IBD, or UC it might be an idea to check it out (:

H x

Thats what friends are for!


So, as you may have noticed I have been going through a rough time these past few months – it has not been a summer of fun! In fairness that is a sweeping statement, there have been days or weeks of fun with my friends and family; such as a 3 week stint in Montreal with 3 of my best friends, and then a 4 day stint to New York for 4th of July, and not forgetting my 21st birthday, and my French friend turning up as a surprise, and those days of shopping and laughing; and much more.

But over summer I have had to complete 4 large pieces of coursework, resit 2 exams all because of missing the deadlines due to being in hospital recovering from a Crohns-related operation. I have had to accept  being behind on my dissertation already. I lost two grandparents in 10 weeks, and have had a few minor  symptoms which are making me paranoid about Crohns returning.

In summary it has been a summer of both extreme highs and lows – maybe they work to counteracting each other?

The point of this post was yesterday after spending the day with one of my oldest and bestest friends (so far we have racked up 11 years of friendship, which is over half of our lifetime!) I realised that no matter how bad things get in my life, I will always have people around me to make me smile and laugh – and that is what life is about. Life goes on, people move on, we have to keep strong and keep moving and these are the people around me who will always help me to do that.  In return she knows that I will always be only a phone call away.

This post is kind of pointless I guess – but I want to get back in to the habit of posting because I have been a little lazy recently.  Just an update and a happy thought – keep friends and family close because they are the ones that will always be there for you and pick you up when you think you don’t have enough strength left to do it yourself!

H x

I want to crawl under a rock

Sorry for lack of posting, I need to try to keep on top of this blog and keep the comments and views coming – else I will only feel like I have let myself down.

I feel at a dead end, in the last two months both of mums parents have died – my granddad died of a massive heart attack two days ago and we had his Jewish funeral this afternoon; which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Standing and shovelling the symbolic 3 spades of dusty mud back onto his coffin less than 48 hours after I got a call from mum even saying he was ill with a heart attack – and my mind cant keep up. I am in deep mourning for them both, but especially my granddad who slipped away so quickly with no chance for anybody to come to terms with it. I am trying to deal with my grief, as well as supporting my mum and her siblings; although my family is close knit this is a whole new level of support and I am not sure I am coping.

Aside from that drama I am months behind on my dissertation work and my colonscopy is 3 months overdue and I am sure good old crohnies is back – and I cant face any more pressure or hassle.

Feeling like I am drowning, and need a rock to crawl under and ignore the world for a little.
I am sending thoughts and love skywards for my grandparents who are always in my thoughts

H x