Reality shoots, it scores.

Hello Strangers,

Its been over a month since I last posted- I think the longest I have ever gone between them – apologies. But in this time my life has changed, and blogging has had to take a back seat.

I went away to Canada for 3 weeks – will include some pictures at a later date – and had an amazing time. I stayed in Montreal at one of my friends houses, along with two other friends from home and we did so many fun things it was amazing, including visiting New York! What was surreal for me was that it was almost to the day the 3 weeks that I went abroad last year with my university, in which my Crohns was very painful and causing me to throw up – and the difference to this year was amazing and encouraging!

Anyway whilst I was away my little sister turned 7 – but also, my granny died. I got a call the next day. I have never had anyone close to my die, I am so lucky I suppose but that luck has now run out. She has been ill for a little while, or at least in a care home although she seemed to get better in the last few months. Its too sore to write about now, with the funeral being tomorrow and I don’t even know how I feel. A mixture. The fantasy life of my holiday and carefree times was shotdown by reality.

After this week is over I have a lot of university work to catch up on – having to do all my exams that I missed over Christmas when I had my operation

Not a very interesting post, not a very inspiring one, but one to say hello and htat I am still here!

H x