2,688 hours ago today I was under the knife

Firstly – Happy Easter to you all!


Secondly – I am in shock. My operation was 4 months ago today…4 months…

I don’t even know how to explain it (times like this I admire people who blog and write and always find exactly the words they need to describe their thoughts…I feel as though my thoughts never fluidly translate into my writing, sorry). In one way it seems like a lifetime ago that I was waking up in that hospital room, panicking and checking if I had a stoma bag, being wheeled into my room, beeping myself with morphine, and being in my own hospital room and trying to figure out what was happening. Feels like a lifetime ago that before that I ended up in A and E (4 months 1 week ago today, if anyones interested) and that I was in so much pain I couldn’t stop retching or even walk in a straight line without help. And now, now I am fine; to all intensive purposes! I have a scar, well one and two tiny ones, I have tablets I take every day; but on the whole I am well now, and I appreciate that so much more than I used to. But, I just, cant believe its been 4 months. In my head it makes sense, but for my body – well I am in awe of myself (haha!) in terms of its biology. In 4 months it is has healed itself inside and out, recovered from an operation and thrown itself back into life, and I have recovered a lot quicker than I thought.


So, it has been 4 months, or 16 weeks, or 112 days, or about 2688 hours, or even 161,280 minutes.


That, that in itself is mad. In 2,688 hours my body has recovered itself, and improved itself. Hooray for my body! I just cant get my head around it. Forget all the achievements that I think I have made, forget the psychological things I have had to overcome with this disease- for now; for once (!), my body has done something right, and I am thinking it deserves acknowledgement!

Below is a picture of my main scar as of about 5pm today 🙂


Hope you are all gorging yourselves on chocolate!

H x







Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

How weird, I have been posting here for about 6 months now – and I think these last two weeks are the longest time between posts, and I most definitely missed it! Here’s hoping its not going to become an addiction (maybe I could blog about that? the irony 😉 )

Anyway, the reason I haven’t posted is simply my lack of time-I am so fearful of just posting any old rubbish that I have refrained from posting anything until now, until I have time for a proper ramble! So, here goes..

The first week of blog-less-ness was due to nothing fun, a huge pile up of university work meant that my time was spent glued to this laptop with books beside me, attempting in vain to try to make a dent in what I have to do – something along the lines of a group project, a leaflet from a presentation write up, two essays, another group assemblage analysis, revision for two tests and trying to plan the title of my dissertation, ya know, not much…(!) I am slowly plodding through, but in truth it feels a little bit never ending, and I am flitting between them all to try to get some progress made, resulting in none being finished as of yet, which feels pretty shit. Regardless, I also went on a night out with some friends to the Shoreditch pub crawl, and spent some time playing tennis and the like with them as well – all of which was the perfect chance for a catch up and a gossip!

The second week the posting drought was more due to lack of reliable wifi, and again time…and a little bit of laziness (I know, forgive me!). I went away for a week with my dad, step mum, brother, little half brother and little half sister to Lyme Regis – it was loooooovely! My Grandma joined us for some of the time as well; so it was certainly a houseful! We were so lucky with the weather, it was so warm the whole time and meant that we spent a lot of it on the beach…paddling, crabbing, in the sand etc – the little ones couldn’t get enough. It was so nice, its the first time in so long I have spent a prolonged period of time with part of my family; because over my Christmas break I was in hospital and then when I had recovered my siblings were back at university / school, and even then I wasn’t fully myself. So, it was a lovely time to just do not much apart from enjoy their company (for most of the time!).

The only downside to this was my health – nothing on the scale of the hospital trips that I have experienced before; infact not even Crohns related, well not directly anyway. I got a really weird rash – little blobs all over my legs, stomach and back, which had no itch with them, no pain at all, I just noticed them getting dressed. I asked a pharmacist who said it was probably nothing, so I ignored it. A day or so later I got intense itching all up my legs, driving me nearly to the point of tears- it was so unforgiving! It didn’t stop me enjoying things when we were out- but the mornings and evenings were NOT fun! Anyway, we managed to get a doctors appointment who explained the rash was probably a physical sign of a virus that my body wasn’t fighting well (potentially linked to the Azathriparine I am on) and that the rash was probably just dry and itchy skin; so some cream later and I was feeling much better.

Anyway, just an update- I am including some pictures of the holiday (I know, I am very stingy with my pictures, maybe more on that another day) to show you the weather, the British Seaside did not let us down!

Hope you are enjoying whatever it is you are doing in the run up to easter – enjoy the chocolate!

H x




Up, Up and Awaaaaaaaaaaay :)

so excited

This is me right now 😀
(Actually that’s a lie..me right now is sat in leggings, a baggy top and a hoody in my room at my desk, procrastinating doing one of the many essays piling up infront of me…but you know what I mean 😛 )

I am having such a good, CROHNS FREE time at the moment, and I just cant get enough of it! I have been on my easter holidays back at home for about 10 days now (time flies!!) and have been having such a nice time 🙂 I have been working quite a lot on university work, which isn’t fun; but balancing out with plenty of other activities! I have been working quite a lot for my mum and auntie – who own their own business – because my mum hasn’t been well recently; and although the extra shifts were unplanned for and therefore impeding on my uni work time, they have given me the perfect opportunity to earn that little bit extra money, just what I needed! Aside from that I have been seeing a lot of my friends, we played some tennis and badminton, chatting, a cheeky McDonalds McFlurry run here and there!
This weekend I went into London with a few friends and we went on the Shoreditch pub crawl – which was hilarious and such a nice fun night out 🙂 We then stayed at his flat in London – which was gorrrrgeous! Although I ended up with literally the worlds biggest blisters on my feet, had to limp home and get mum to pop them for me (gross I know). Next week I am going away with my dad, stepmum, brother and half brother and sister for a week down on the south coast- which I am really looking forward to 🙂 Unfortunately taking work with me but there we go!

I am sorry that I have nothing that much of interest to share with you – no dramatic stories, no horrible tales; but I hope that for some of you who have been reading for a while, it will be nice to know that there is no more of that at the moment! As of right now, I am just revelling in my freedom and my ability to do what I want Crohns free! I worry about this blog -about boring people, about writing too much or too litte, about posting too often…but I am just going with what feels right- I still CANT BELIEVE how many of you out there read these warbles, and it truly warms my heart! Thank you, thank you, and thank you a few times more. You will never know how lovely it is 🙂

H x

To all the siblings out there…




This song has kind of captured my heart for now. I don’t know how many of you out there have siblings (a fair few I would imagine) but I do, and I love them to pieces. Now, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we don’t annoy each other here and there -but it means that I love them despite how annoying, and whiny, and wrong they are sometimes 😉

I have an 18 year old brother just started uni, and sometimes we get on like a house on fire..sometimes he threatens to push me into a fire – that’s just the nature of our relationship 😉   (if that wasn’t clear to everyone, that was a JOKE. I would definitely push him first 😉 aha, I just mean that its a definite love-hate relationship, especially at the ages we are at now sometimes we just don’t get on.) But that’s okay, we are stuck with each other through thick and thin and at the end of the day I think he is a good person, and funny and kind and I think at the end of it all he will have my back. I hope…

Then I have a little half sister who is 6 (cant believe she is so old!) and a half brother who just turned 3. I adore them, they are cute and funny and sweet and innocent and fun and loveable and hilarious and everything else rolled into one. They can also be annoying, whiny, get their own way, loud, disruptive…but still, their good sides outweigh their bad by a hundred to one. So, thinking of them while working and this song comes on…and I LOVE IT.


Sometimes its good to remember just how strong your family unit can be when you need it, like I did over being at hospital, and just appreciate what you have! I admit that my parents are the best anyone could ask for (I know, most of us think that!) but this post was a special shoutout to all the siblings out there!


This post was cheesy as hell, apologies!

H x