It’s Dino Time


I know, I know.. I already posted today, and I am probably boring your socks off…BUT STILL

This blog is meant to be my way to vent my thoughts and feelings about my experience with Crohns and how it affects my life; but more importantly my aim when I started was to prove that I DO still have a life, that I am getting on with it and that it doesn’t define everything about me. Or at least, I try not to let it!

Unfortunately this last month or so it kinda has, but theres nothing that I could have done about that. Sometimes you do need to accept a minor defeat I think, and I did. But I am on my way back up and thought a cheery post about something not related to the disease is just what was in order. I shall be trying to make sure I stay on track and post a few more of these, to give a bit more balanced view I guess!

So, this is a picture of an origami dinosaur me and my little sister and cousin made, they were hilarious! My cousin bought over some funny arts and crafts stuff to do, the first time she has visited since my op and it was so nice of her to come all the way down for the day. Now, I know doing origami doesn’t exactly prove I am living my life to the full, but it was just a picture that makes me smile and thought it might do the same for all of you guys.


H x

Congratulations on getting through my rambles to the end of the post! Reading comments, feedback and questions literally makes my day, so please... comment below :)

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